Thousands of books and articles have chronicled the cyclical rise and fall of a never-ending parade of conspiracy-based philosophies that, at different points in Idaho and American history, have warned against imaginary and unfounded threats. Idaho, like the vast majority of states, is no stranger to its own set of strange, paranoid, and passionate ideas of every kind which, whether you subscribe to them or not, make for a fascinating peek into modern culture. Check out some of Idaho’s most tantalizing conspiracy theories, both past and present.

Interesting stuff! What do you think? What Idaho conspiracy theories have you heard lately? (Play nice, though, friends!)

For more peeks into Idaho history, check out some of the oldest towns in Idaho

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What is the oldest town in Idaho?

With land wars, here-and-gone mining boomtowns, and a wealth of tribal history filling the state, tracing Idaho's "official" settlement from start to finish is a challenge. In fact, many of Idaho's oldest towns are no longer considered "living." However, many of Idaho's oldest cities remain to this day, with many more communities mixed in:

  • Franklin, Idaho (1860)
  • Pierce, Idaho (1861)
  • Lewiston, Idaho (1861)
  • Idaho City, Idaho (1862)
  • Cottonwood, Idaho (1862)
  • Montpelier, Idaho (1863)
  • Paris, Idaho (1863)
  • Boise, Idaho (1863)
  • Silver City, Idaho (1864)
  • Placerville, Idaho (1864)
  • Moscow, Idaho (1871)
  • Weiser, Idaho (1871)
  • Glenns Ferry, Idaho (1871)
  • Fairfield, Idaho (1877)
  • Challis, Idaho (1878)
  • Shoshone, Idaho (1882)
  • Wallace, Idaho (1884)
  • Mullan, Idaho (1884)


For the most part, Idaho was settled from the south to north, although there are notable exceptions. For instance, the city of Pierce in Northern Idaho was once thought to be the oldest city in the state, until it was discovered that the then-Utah city of Franklin was actually within Idaho's state line. Since the discovery, Franklin is now considered to be the oldest incorporated city in Idaho.

What is the most unique town in Idaho?

Wallace, Idaho often tops list for being one of the most unique small towns in Idaho due to its fantastic history, numerous quirky festivals, and vibrant landmarks. In fact, its official distinction as the "Center of the Universe" is just the start of everything this fun little town has to offer!

But the small town of Wallace is also BIG on history, and is home to a number of historic buildings. Actually, the entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places. The large number of original and still-standing 19th Century buildings gives Wallace one of the largest concentrations of Victorian commercial architecture in the entire state of Idaho.



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