Oasis Bordello Museum In Idaho Might Just Be The Strangest Roadside Attraction Yet

Located in the heart of the Silver Valley Mining District, Wallace is a town that’s loaded with history. In many ways, this humble community looks as if it’s been frozen in time. Boasting dozens of original structures from a bygone era, the entire mining town is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are an endless amount of ways to explore the town’s rich history, but there’s one destination that tells the story of a piece of Wallace history that not many outsiders know about. Once a fully-functioning brothel, the Oasis Bordello Museum is like a time capsule of Wallace’s past, and it may just be the strangest roadside attraction we’ve seen yet.

Did you know about this bizarre roadside attraction in Wallace? It just goes to show that some parts of this town’s fascinating history will ALWAYS live on. Check out more unique pit stops in our state with this list of 14 Strange And Quirky Roadside Attractions In Idaho. 

Address: Oasis Bordello Museum, 605 Cedar St, Wallace, ID 83873, USA