Lewiston Is Allegedly One Of Idaho’s Most Haunted Small Towns

Every state has its fair share of eerie legends, paranormal sightings, and spooky haunts that locals know to avoid after dark. But for many ghost hunting enthusiasts, the Gem State isn’t top of mind when it comes to the supernatural. Make no mistake, though  – Idaho has an assortment of haunted places and ghostly entities! From haunted hotels to abandoned asylums, with a few chilling cemeteries for good measure, Idaho has enough haunted spots hidden in its recesses to chill even the most stoic of skeptics.

But while every small town has a creepy old building or two, some cities have an extra dose of the supernatural. Lewiston, Idaho is definitely one of them. These days, Lewiston isn’t exactly a small town, but back in the Gold Rush of the 1800s, Idaho’s quiet capital had a major population boom as prospectors flocked to the area. What’s more, according to the legends that still haunt many of the city’s original buildings today, a number of those residents never actually left. Here’s the spook-lore:

A number of paranormal teams have visited Lewiston’s haunted hotspots to validate or debunk the many legendary claims. All signs and EMP signals point to some serious activity here, but you’ll have to visit for yourself to see. Fortunately, ghosts don’t just come out during spooky season – so go ahead and add a visit here to your next road trip! Or, check out Southern Idaho’s most haunted town.

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Address: Lewiston, ID 83501, USA