7 Disturbing Cemeteries In Idaho That Will Give You Goosebumps

For many, cemeteries instill feelings of fear, anxiety, and perhaps even haunted thrills for those with an affection for the paranormal. For others, they are places of solitude and remembrance.

Whatever your opinion, there’s no doubt that the marble and concrete expanse of a graveyard can elicit goosebumps no matter who you are, especially under the cover of darkness. But since Idaho is also full of history and eerie beauty, all of Idaho’s cemeteries are a must-visit in their own way. Love triangles, military sacrifices, and the very history of our state are shrouded here in hundreds of years’ worth of inscribed markers that preserve the lives of Idaho’s earliest residents. Here are just a few of Idaho’s most “haunted” and active burial grounds.

Feeling a few chills yet? Our state has such incredible history! Of course, not every cemetery is open to the public, so be sure to double-check visiting hours before diving into paranormal exploration.

What other ghostly stories or their historical cemeteries should be included on this list?