9 Vermont Waterfalls Will Soon Be Bigger And More Beautiful Than Ever

Vermont’s waterfalls are natural wonders to be appreciated year-round. In the winter, they become frozen sculptures of intricate ice formations. While during the summer, many transform into popular swimming holes. We love the Green Mountain State’s waterfalls in spring the most when the thaw and increased rain changes the landscape yet again. Spring is the time when these waterfalls are at their peak beauty cascading in full force and putting on a big show for those of us who go to admire them. Check out these nine waterfalls that are sure to captivate you in the upcoming season.

Which of these waterfalls is your favorite to visit in spring? Or do you have a different waterfall that deserves a spot on this list? Share your thoughts and pictures if you have them in the comments section below or in our Vermont Nature Lovers Group on Facebook.