This Easy, Half-Mile Trail Leads To Buttermilk Falls, One Of Vermont’s Most Underrated Waterfalls

If you’re from Vermont or have spent time in this lovely state, you are probably familiar with some of the waterfalls and swimming holes located throughout the state. From Bingham Falls to Lye Brook Falls, and all the small ones in between, Vermont sure has some wonderful hidden gems in its backyard. One of the most underrated waterfalls in Vermont is Buttermilk Falls, a classic and stunning waterfall and swimming hole in southern Vermont.

Have you asked yourself, “are there waterfalls near me” in Vermont? Now you know about one of its most beautiful! Have you had the chance to visit this gorgeous waterfall in Ludlow? What was your favorite part of the falls and swimming hole? What do you think are the most underrated waterfalls in Vermont? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Looking for more outdoor activities in Vermont? Check out this article about the seven most pristine hidden beaches in Vermont!

Address: Buttermilk Falls, Ludlow, VT 05149, USA
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March 18, 2022

What are some great hiking trails with waterfalls in Vermont?  

Of the more than 300 hikes in Vermont, 38 of them lead to (or simply feature) waterfalls. How on earth do you decide which ones to do first? The good news is that no matter which ones you pick, the rest will always be there; Vermont is a great state for hikers. Some of our favorite hiking trails with waterfalls in Vermont include the Lye Brook Falls Trail, which is nestled within the Green Mountain National Forest and is 4.4 miles long. It’s rated as moderately difficult, and it’s scenic the entire way through – the falls are just like a dessert at the end of a beautiful meal. Within Smuggler’s Notch State Park is the half-mile hike leading to Bingham Falls known as, predictably, Bingham Falls Trail; it’s pretty easy and appropriate for most hikers of all skill levels, and it’s so beautiful you might feel like you “cheated” by accessing it so easily! Other incredible waterfall hikes in Vermont include the Falls of Lana Trail (four miles, moderate), Mill Trail (1.3 miles, easy), the Texas Falls Recreation Area hike (one mile, easy). Want some more ideas? Check out this list of 14 breathtaking hidden falls across the state.  

Where is Buttermilk Falls in Vermont?  

Buttermilk Falls has been a staple of Vermonter’s lives from the beginning. It’s located near Ludlow, Vermont, and it’s surrounded by lush, beautiful forest. It’s one of the most popular destinations in the state and during the warmer months it makes for a perfect swimming hole. It’s comprised of several falls, most notably the Upper and Lower Falls. We’re pretty lucky, also, that such an amazing place is so easy to reach. In lots of places, you’d probably have to do a long, hard hike to access something this amazing, but not so in beautiful Vermont. We suppose the state is simply THAT awesome, though we could be biased.  

Address: Buttermilk Falls, Ludlow, VT 05149, USA