This Vermont Waterfall Is So Hidden, Almost Nobody Has Seen It In Person

Did you know that there’s a waterfall just outside of St. Johnsbury, Vermont that’s not as well known as many of the other falls in the Green Mountain State?

Emerson Falls is a part of Sleepers River and is surrounded by scenic landscapes. Although it’s not as popular as some of the other waterfalls in the state, Emerson Falls sits on private property and is an ideal destination for taking a photoshoot, going for a dip, and walking with your dog.

To reach Emerson Falls, take exit 21 off of 1-91. Once you reach these lesser-known falls in Vermont, feel free to leave your car in the parking area that’s about 200 feet from where the falls drop.


Since you’ll be in Saint Johnsbury, feel free to hop on over to the infamous Dog Chapel. And, after visiting Emerson Falls, take a look at These 14 Hidden Waterfalls In Vermont Will Take Your Breath Away to learn of other natural wonders in the Green Mountain State worth visiting.

Address: Emerson Falls Road, Emerson Falls Rd, St Johnsbury, VT 05819, USA