Everyone knows that Vermont has no shortage of awesome waterfalls and swimming holes, but often these hidden gems require a long and strenuous hike to reach. If you are seeking out fun and refreshing falls to visit in Vermont that won’t demand a laborious hike, we’ve compiled this list of the best easy-access waterfalls in Vermont that will be perfect for a day trip. Gather your friends and family and bring some snacks and enjoy a peaceful and relaxed day at any one of these splendid falls. Have you ever wondered something to the effect of are there any awesome waterfalls near me? Because if so, the answer is yes. Yes, there are.

Have you visited any of these easy-access waterfalls in Vermont? Which falls and swimming holes do you love to frequent in Vermont? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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What are some of the best waterfall hikes in Vermont?  

Vermont’s a pretty awe-inspiring place, and honestly, it only makes sense that it would be home to some amazing waterfalls. A lot of those waterfalls can be accessed via a hiking trail, and those hikes tend to be some of the most popular with hikers who prefer a scenic view. Can you blame them? Luckily, pretty much every view in Vermont is a scenic one, and there are plenty of waterfall hikes to explore those views with. For example, the Moss Glen Falls Trail is a 5.2-mile trek through a beautiful forest that ends in one of our state’s most breathtaking waterfalls. The best part of that hike is that it’s only about .3 miles to the falls themselves. Another great waterfall hike in Vermont is the 1.1-mile hike to Buttermilk Falls, which comes in three must-see tiers of amazingness. Finally, head to Salisbury and conquer the Falls of Lana with a 3.5-mile loop hike. Want more information on these, plus more ideas? Check this article out! 

How many waterfalls in Vermont are there, anyway?  

Vermont is seriously beautiful enough on its own; it doesn’t NEED waterfalls to enhance its splendor, but it’s got plenty anyway. In fact, there are more than 300 known (and named!) falls all over the state, all of which are accessible in some way or another. Some are drive-up friendly, others require a strenuous hike to reach. Moss Glen waterfall is the tallest in the entire state, at 125 beautiful feet tall. It’s not a straight-down plunge like you might expect; instead, it’s a multi-tiered beauty that you can’t miss. Coming in at a close tie is Lye Brook Falls, which is also 125 feet tall but flows over “steps” made of natural rock. Other wonderful (wonderfall?) waterfalls in Vermont include Bingham Falls, in Stowe, Moss Glen Falls, in Granville, and Thundering Brook Falls in Killington. Some falls are open and accessible year-round, and others aren’t - so make sure to do some research before embarking upon your next adventure! 

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