Whether it feels like it or not, warm spring weather does arrive in Maryland eventually. Get outdoors this spring and explore these 10 beautiful spots around Maryland. These places offer relatively easy treks that the whole family can enjoy! We think these are some of the best hikes in Maryland (and around Maryland!), and hopefully, you’ll love them as much as we do.

What are some other spots that are perfect for exploring during spring? Which hikes in Maryland are your picks for the best hikes in Maryland? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments! Need more? Check out this list of some of the best low-key hikes in Maryland to do ASAP.

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Best Hikes In Maryland

What are the most amazing scenic hikes in Maryland?  

Maryland is a tiny-but-mighty little state with plenty to see, do, and experience, including some excellent hiking trails! In fact, this state might be super small, but did you know there are about 1200 or more hikes to pick from all over the state? For example, do the Annapolis Rock via Appalachian Trail at South Mountain State Park; it’s just over five miles long (5.1 miles total) and is rated as moderately challenging. It’s an epic day hike with some truly wonderful views! The Cascade Falls Loop Trail is another favorite and features one of Maryland's most amazing waterfalls (we do have those); it’s best hiked following a good, solid rainstorm, so the falls will be healthy and enormous. Then, do the Catoctin Mountain Extended Loop Trail, which is 9.9 miles long total and is actually a combination of all three main loop trails at Catoctin Mountain Park. There are lots of truly amazing scenic hikes around Maryland; good luck picking just one.  

What are some wonderful easy hikes in Maryland? 

With well over 1,000 trails to choose from, there are lots of excellent easy hikes in Maryland that are just calling your name, like the Swallow Falls Canyon Trail at Swallow Falls State Park. It’s just over one mile in length and provides some excellent views of a beautiful park with stunning waterfalls. If you like that one, the above-mentioned Cascade Falls Loop Trail is also a must-do, being incredibly scenic AND nice and easy. We also love Falling Branch Trail to Kilgore Falls, which features another waterfall and is just 0.7 miles long; you’ll find that one at Rocks State Park. Finally, you can’t miss hikes like the 1.8-mile easy trail at Gunpowder Falls State Park known as the Little Gunpowder Trail. It’s very green during the warmer months and provides respite from summer heat like few other trails can.  

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