Five Different Planets Will Align In The North Dakota Night Sky During An Incredibly Rare Display

Nature and night sky lovers of North Dakota, you’re going to want to go outside early, early tomorrow morning – just before and as the sun comes up – and look up. Right now, there’s a very special celestial event occurring over our heads (and the rest of the world, too): it’s what’s called a “planet parade,” and this year’s planet parade in North Dakota is particularly special for its rarity. Check it out, and set your calendar for March 27th/28th, when the 2023 planet parade will be at its finest.

Of course, there are lots of wonderful places to go camping in North Dakota so you can enjoy this planet parade in the best way possible. Will you go see it? Which planet is your favorite? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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North Dakota Night Sky

March 24, 2023
  1. What are some of the best places to view the North Dakota night sky?

North Dakota is actually one of the best states for stargazing; it’s one of the lesser-populated states in the U.S., and as a result, a lot of it is rural – which means dark skies. Some of the best places to view the North Dakota night sky include:  

  • Beaver Lake State Park – one of many amazing North Dakota state parks perfect for any stargazer, new or experienced.
  • Fort Ransom State Park – another amazing option for stargazing, as well as for witnessing the aurora borealis 
  • Lake Sakakawea State Park – there might be a noticeable pattern here; turns out, most of our amazing state parks have dark skies! 
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park – our gigantic and beautiful National Park is an idyllic place to lose yourself in the night.  


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  1. Where else can I go stargazing in North Dakota?

Of course, the list of places perfect for stargazing in North Dakota doesn’t end with the above items. Oh, no – there are so many more! Some of our other favorite spots for stargazing in North Dakota are:  

  • Cross Ranch State Park – what else can we say? Our state parks are top-notch for dark skies.  
  • Crow Flies High Butte – pure nighttime perfection. Bring a blanket and lay under the stars.  
  • Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area – another amazing option that you cannot possibly go wrong with!  


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  1. What are some amazing natural wonders in North Dakota?

North Dakota’s wonders continue long after the sun has come back up. This state is filled head to toe with incredible natural wonders! Some of our favorite natural wonders in North Dakota are wonders like:  

  • The Upper Souris National Wildlife Refuge – Located near Minot, this preserve is enormous and beautiful; definitely worthy of a day trip!  
  • Cannonball Concretions Pullout – Found in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, this bizarre geological feature is sure to baffle and intrigue.  
  • The Caprock Coulee Trail – Maybe two items from Theodore Roosevelt National Park is cheating, but we can’t NOT mention this otherworldly hike.  


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