Even though North Dakota isn’t known as a top destination for natural wonders, it definitely should be. There may not be towering mountain ranges or ocean-side cliffs, but there are some other-worldly geological formations on the prairie. These geological formations in North Dakota at Theodore Roosevelt National Park are amazing examples of this, and here’s why:

You can learn more about Theodore Roosevelt National Park and its fascinating sights by visiting this website. The park is open year-round for hiking. Some of the amenities or roads may be closed during certain seasons or weather conditions.

This place is great for hitting the trail and is popular for mountain biking. Check out the 90-mile trail system that goes through the TRNP and beyond: the Maah Daah Hey Trail in North Dakota.

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What are some easy hiking trails at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota?  

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is easily North Dakota’s most popular hiking destination, and we’re not surprised; it’s a truly awesome place to take nature in at its finest, and we’re lucky to have it in our own backyard. Some of the best hikes in the state can be found here as well; there are trails for every skill level and in every length and style you can imagine. Some of the easiest hikes also happen to be some of the most beautiful; for example, the Wind Canyon Trail is short, at just half a mile long, and quite easy, with an elevation gain of just 55 feet. We also really love the Painted Canyon Nature Trail, which is one mile long and quite easy even for kids. We also really love the Boicourt Overlook Trail, which is great if you like nice views, and the Coal Vein Trail is another favorite (and short, at just 0.6 miles long). For more information about this beloved national park in North Dakota, check this article out 

What are some of the best hiking trails in North Dakota?  

North Dakota is home to some of the most amazing hikes in the country – at least we think so. That being said, most of its most epic hikes are within Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and since we listed some of those above, we’ll try to avoid trails in that park for this answer. Some of the best hiking trails in North Dakota (that aren’t within TRNP) include White Butte Trail, which is known as “North Dakota’s highpoint trail”, and comes in at just 3.4 miles in length, making it a quick and easy trail for most skill levels. In Mandan, you can find the awesome Harmon Lake Trail, which is longer, at 8.3 miles long, but well worth the journey. That trail can be challenging at times, but trust us when we say it’s worth the trek for the views. You can also check out Turtle River Nature Trail, which is nestled inside Turtle River State Park – one of North Dakota’s most beautiful parks.  

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