The Wind Canyon Trail Might Be One Of The Most Beautiful Short-And-Sweet Hikes To Take In North Dakota

A hike doesn’t need to take all day to be worthwhile. This short and sweet hike in North Dakota serves up stellar views and plenty of fresh air without asking for too much of your free time in return. Here’s what you need to know to tackle Wind Canyon Trail, which we feel might just be one of the best hikes in North Dakota thanks to its scenic nature and easygoing way.

If you want to learn more about the Wind Canyon Trail at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, you can check out the hike’s official AllTrails page. Be sure to share your experience of this beautiful hike in the comments! Are you a fan of easy hiking trails? What do you think the best hikes in North Dakota are? You’ll want to read about some of our other favorite easy hikes in the state in this article.

Address: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, USA
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Best Hikes in North Dakota

March 14, 2022

What are some great kid-friendly hikes around North Dakota?  

Of the numerous trails all over the state, many are quite easy. Some are easy enough that we would classify them as “kid-friendly,” which, to us, means any trail that’s both rated as easy and is under two miles in length. Among the best kid-friendly hikes around North Dakota are the amazing Wind Canyon Trail, at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, which is a half-mile long and features awesome views. Also at TRNP are plenty of other kid-friendly hikes like Painted Canyon Nature Trail (one mile), Boicourt Overlook Trail (0.8 miles), Prairie Dog Trail (1.9 miles), and Skyline Vista Trail (0.2 miles). All of these hikes – well, all of North Dakota’s hikes in general, really – are rewarding for their own reasons. Few things teach young ones to appreciate the beauty of the planet like a great hike!  

What are some amazing scenic hikes in North Dakota?  

North Dakota is host to many awe-inspiring scenic hikes; in fact, there are over 100 excellent hikes weaving all over the state, all of which vary in terms of length, difficulty, and scenery. Some of the most amazing scenic hikes in North Dakota include the famous Maah-Daah-Hey Trail, which is not just scenic but also quite lengthy and rated as moderate. It’s a series of smaller trails that can all be broken up into separate hikes or conquered as one enormous journey. In total, it’s a little over 100 miles long! Other favorite scenic hikes in North Dakota include the Petrified Forest Trail, which takes hikers through a mystical land that makes up one of the nation’s very few petrified forests. While you’re there – the hike is within Theodore Roosevelt National Park – you need to check out a few other amazing hikes like the short-and-easy Coal Vein Trail, the Ekblom Trail Loop, and Wind Canyon Trail. Want more ideas? Check out this list of some of the best hiking trails in North Dakota!

Address: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, USA