The One Mesmerizing Place In North Dakota To See The Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the northern lights, is a stunning natural phenomenon that has mesmerized star gazers for generations. The waves of soft colors floating through the night sky are a sight like no other. Luckily for us North Dakotans, we are in an area that gets this light show quite often. Depending on the conditions, it could show up anywhere in the prairie sky, but there are certain areas that seem to get it more than others. So, can you see the northern lights in North Dakota? You can! We’ve found a place in our beautiful state that is a prime area to witness the northern lights for yourself. Check it out:

Here is a video by Jonathan Schiralli depicting the beautiful northern lights he captured just north of Grand Forks, North Dakota:

And you can also check out Joshua Eckl‘s video taken in Ardoc in 2017:

It doesn’t get much more gorgeous than that! Have you seen the northern lights in North Dakota before? Tell us about your favorite sightings in the comments.

North Dakota’s lack of light pollution in comparison to other places is one of the many favorite things about living here people have. Here are more of the best parts about living in the Peace Garden State.

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Can You See the Northern Lights in North Dakota?

June 27, 2022

How often can you see the northern lights in North Dakota?  

Witnessing the northern lights in North Dakota is a special – but not uncommon – experience that we think everyone should indulge in at least once. It’s a sporadic natural wonder, shining brightly for hours and hours one night and disappearing for a while before reappearing weeks later in a short burst of maybe 30 minutes. Northern lights don’t necessarily have a specific “season” due to their very nature, but the months between November and March tend to be the best in our opinion because it’s particularly dark and they seem to occur more frequently when it’s very dark (as even more subtle lights can be seen further and further from any sources of light pollution).  

Are there any good places for viewing the northern lights in Grand Forks?  

Grand Forks can be an excellent place for viewing the northern lights in North Dakota, though we strongly suggest you find the darkest places of town to escape to in order to dodge light pollution and see the lights in all their vivid glory. Grand Forks is in a great place geographically for watching the northern lights thanks to its placement way up in northeastern North Dakota, nearby the Canada/United States international border and far away from city lights. Scoot north of Grand Forks to some tiny towns like Ardoch or Minto and see the lights in ways you never have before: in incredible living color without being impeded by light pollution. When it comes to natural wonders in North Dakota, the northern lights are a must-see phenomenon that you won’t soon forget.  

What is the best time to see the northern lights in North Dakota?  

Aurora can and does occur year-round, but the best time of year for seeing the northern lights in North Dakota is between the months of November and March. This five-month stretch tends to be the darkest time of year, and as a result, one will notice the northern lights much more often than they might in, say, July.