The Story Of How North Dakota’s Painted Canyons Were Formed Is Downright Fascinating

One of the most iconic landscapes in North Dakota is that of the badlands in the west. The rugged buttes form a unique view that isn’t quite the same as the badlands of other states – it’s special in a way. When people think of the ND badlands, they probably have images of roaming bison, the Little Missouri River snaking through, and the iconic colorful stripes that earned them the nickname of the “painted canyons.” These stripes aren’t just pretty to look at, they also tell a story. Learn about the history of the painted canyons of North Dakota right here:

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You can learn more about visiting the badlands at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park by clicking here. Have you seen this beautiful place for yourself yet? It’s certainly a bucket-list-worthy destination. Here are more of the top North Dakota places you should visit at least once in your lifetime.

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