The Ultimate Bucket List For Anyone In Kentucky Who Loves Waterfall Hikes

Hiking is a wonderful way to spend a day in Kentucky, and there’s no better reward when walking a trail than happening upon a beautiful waterfall. Our state is filled with both easy-to-reach and hidden gems that show off the scenic, natural beauty of Kentucky. We have a thing for waterfalls and love sharing them with you, and Kentucky photographer Greg Grayson definitely knows how to capture them. We’ve come up with the ultimate bucket list of waterfall hikes that you must experience and since he’s been lucky enough to see them all, Greg has graciously shared his stunning work so we can take you on a tour. Here are 11 must-see waterfall hikes in Kentucky!

Kentucky has many beautiful features and these bucket list-worthy waterfalls are definitely some of the best. How many of these have you been lucky enough to see? Any others you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments!

And a huge thank you to Greg Grayson for sharing his stunning work with us. Be sure to follow along with him on Instagram here and on his Facebook page here. You’ll see many more incredible photos of Kentucky, as well as other beautiful destinations.

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