6 Little Known Kentucky Waterfalls You’ll Want To Discover For Yourself

Kentucky’s natural beauty is undeniable and many are surprised to learn that the Bluegrass State is filled with countless waterfalls. Some of these magical wonders are well known – Cumberland Falls and Yahoo Falls, for example – but the magic doesn’t stop there. We’ve partnered up with Kentucky photographer, Greg Grayson, as he takes us on a waterfall tour of Kentucky, likely introducing you to ones you’ve never heard of. These little known falls are not as popular for a variety of reasons, but still equally as stunning. And because part of the magic of a waterfall is discovering it for yourself, we’ll get you started with a general location, but then the Kentucky adventure is up to you.

Many thanks to Greg for sharing these beautiful photos of some of Kentucky’s hidden treasures. Have you been lucky enough to find these for yourself? Share your experience in the comments! And for more of Greg’s spectacular work, check out his Facebook page here and his Instagram account here.