You’ll Want To Spend All Day At Dog Slaughter Falls, A Waterfall-Fed Pool In Kentucky

Here in Kentucky, there’s beauty to behold around each and every corner of the state. This is epitomized at Dog Slaughter Falls, a winsome waterfall located in the heart of Cumberland Falls State Park. One minute, you’re traversing a scenic, wooded trail; the next, you’re confronted with a captivating cascade complete with its own spectacular swimming hole. Accessing this hidden oasis is easy — a straightforward mile-long trek takes you there. What isn’t easy, however, is actually leaving this winsome waterfall-fed pool and returning back to the world!

Did you know about this waterfall-fed pool in Kentucky? Have you visited this glorious waterfall before? Learn more about the eponymous Dog Slaughter Falls hike at AllTrails.

Of course, Dog Slaughter Falls is just one of many wondrous places located in Cumberland Falls State Park. This Kentucky gem really is a place you’ll want to visit again and again!

Address: Dog Slaughter Falls, Kentucky 40769, USA