Most People Don’t Know About This Grisly Historic Site Hiding In Hawaii

Located not far from U.S. Naval Base Pearl Harbor, near Ewa and Waipahu, is a grisly piece of Hawaiian history many people would like to forget: the Honouliuli Internment Camp. The former World War II Japanese-American internment camp highlights the demoralizing consequences of a wartime suspension of basic civil rights.

Currently, the site looks like little more than an overgrown gulch, hidden from view by the nearby highway. All visits must be pre-arranged and guided, though there are plans to develop the site into a full-fledged national monument – with visitor facilities that could include trails, interpretive waysides and restroom facilities.

This informational video produced by the Japanese Cultural Center gives us a glimpse into the lives of those who were held at Honouliuli.

While many would like to forget this terrible time in American history, it is important to remember what we did, and how we can ensure that this terrible act of injustice never happens again. Those who would like to witness this grisly historic site can contact the National Park Service to schedule a visit.