You’ll Be Pleased To Hear That Wyoming’s Upcoming Winter Is Supposed To Be Picture Perfect

The Farmer’s Almanac announces their winter forecast in August, and this year the predictions for Wyoming are in. Part of living in Wyoming is accepting that “Winter” is most of the year, and in 2018-2019, we’ll get to enjoy a mix of warm, dry weather and mild, snowy months. See below to find out what the Farmer’s Almanac says about the state’s signature season!

Now, plenty of people take the Farmer’s Almanac’s predictions with a grain of salt, but historically, their long-range forecasts are over 80% accurate! That’s a pretty good batting average for a science as unpredictable as meteorology.

When Mother Nature does finally drop a layer of fresh snow, bundle up and visit one of 8 Picture-Perfect Places In Wyoming To Escape This Winter for a season you’ll love.

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