Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime Climbing Frozen Waterfalls At This Thrilling Wyoming Festival

The extreme winter in Wyoming is the perfect setting for extreme sports, and few sports are as exciting and thrilling as ice climbing. If you’re up for scaling towering walls of ice, put the Cody Ice Climbing Festival on your calendar. It’s known as the “friendliest little ice festival in the Northern Rockies,” and it’s where climbers of all skill levels come to conquer the epic Alpine ice of Wyoming. During the 4-day festival, beginners can learn techniques, strategies, and how to “read” the ice, and seasoned ice climbers can take on Mean Green, the Pillar of Pain, or any of the other top-rated climbing routes in the South Fork Canyon outside Cody. With loads of events throughout the weekend, you can’t help but have a thrilling time at the Cody Ice Climbing Festival.

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