The Creepiest Hike In West Virginia Takes You Through The Ruins Of An Abandoned Town

Abandoned ruins are hidden everywhere in the West Virginia mountains. Many of them date back to the days when coal was king in the Mountain State, and many of them are linked with a rollercoaster history of prosperity and strength intertwined with danger, illness, or poverty. Such is Kaymoor, West Virginia, a forsaken coal mine now accessible only by hiking trail. Indeed, the hike to this abandoned town might well be called among the creepiest in West Virginia.

To learn more about the Kaymoor Miners Trail, visit the NPS website. Have you ever hiked this trail? Do you agree that it’s the creepiest hike in West Virginia, or at least one of them? What are some other spooky abandoned places you’ve explored in the Mountain State?

Address: Kaymoor Miners Trail, West Virginia 25840, USA