There’s A Lake Hiding In A West Virginia Valley Where You Can Camp Year-Round

Have you ever tried to visit a new-to-you spot in the Mountain State, only to arrive and find it closed? Maybe closed for that day of the week, maybe closed for the season, maybe even closed for good? It’s not a fun feeling, that deflating disappointment of an adventure ended before it can even begin. Thankfully, that will never happen when plan a camping trip to Briar Point Campground near Stonewall Resort in West Virginia. Why not? Because Briar Point is the best campground in West Virginia (even MSN says so) and it’s open for camping year-round.

Have you ever stayed at Stonewall Resort or camped in Briar Point Campground? When it came time to leave, how did you bear to bid farewell to the best campground in West Virginia, set in such a beautiful mountain valley? If you love year-round camping, don’t miss another great West Virginia option: Chestnut Ridge Park in Bruceton Mills.

Address: Briar Point Campground, State Park Rd, Weston, WV 26452, USA