The Giant Boulders At Beartown State Park In West Virginia Are Just Like Something Out Of A Storybook

West Virginia is filled to overflowing with beautiful scene upon beautiful scene secreted away in the peaks, folds, and valleys of our mountains and rivers. We couldn’t have earned the nickname “Almost Heaven” otherwise. And one of those storybook scenes is the uniquely picturesque Beartown State Park perched on Droop Mountain in West Virginia.

Beartown State Park closes each winter except by appointment, but it reopens fully each April to October. It’s best for those looking to reconnect with nature by foot; a network of hiking trails crisscrosses the crevices between these boulders. To find other amenities like lodging or playgrounds, try nearby Watoga State Park or Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park.

Have you explored the beautiful storybook scene that is Beartown State Park in West Virginia? What a fascinating place! Learn more at the West Virginia State Parks website. And, by the way, Beartown isn’t the only other-worldly spot in Almost Heaven. Not by a long shot.

Address: Beartown State Park, Beartown Road, Renick, WV, USA