This Abandoned West Virginia Mine Just Begs To Be Explored

Perhaps outsiders may view West Virginia’s abandoned places and somewhat romanticize them as a charming look into the past of a largely unknown place they seldom visit. But for native West Virginians, the past and the places that represent it, can hold a variety of different meanings. Coal mines, for instance, summon both bitter and sweet memories of our fathers and grandfathers (and their own fathers and grandfathers) who gave their lives to the coal industry.

The Nuttallburg trails and parking lots are located on Beauty Mountain Road, near New Haven, WV. Here’s a link to a Google map to help guide your way. A wealth of information about each trail can be found at this link on the official website of the National Park Service.

Do you have memories of your father or grandfather working the mines in West Virginia? I do. Feel free to continue the discussion in our Facebook comments.