Do you feel like your city gets pummeled by winter weather? Unless you live in one of these snowy cities, you probably have it easy.

The snowiest city in the US is Rochester, New York, which gets over eight feet per year. Buffalo, New York, is a close second, with nearly the same amount.

Here are the snowiest cities in the US, along with their average annual snowfall in inches:

The Snowiest Cities In America


1. Rochester, New York: 99.5″
2. Buffalo, New York: 94.7″
3. Cleveland, Ohio: 68.1″
4. Salt Lake City, Utah: 56.2″
5. Minneapolis, Minnesota: 54.0″
6. Denver, Colorado: 53.8″
7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 46.9″
8. Boston, Massachusetts: 43.8″
9. Detroit, Michigan: 42.7″
10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 41.9″
11. Hartford, Connecticut: 40.5″
12. Chicago, Illinois: 36.7″
13. Providence, Rhode Island: 33.8″
14. Columbus, Ohio: 27.5″
15. Indianapolis, Indiana: 25.9″
16. New York, New York: 25.1″

The snowfall totals are averages based on extensive weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 for the NOAA National Climatic Data Center. According to Current Results, most cities in America get fresh snow in December, January, and February, though there are certainly exceptions.

However, if you’re looking for lots of fresh snow and plenty of time to enjoy it, head to Denver, Colorado. It tops the list of U.S. cities with the longest winters. Denver usually gets snow as early as September and often receives snow all the way through the spring. In fact, it’s not unusual for Denver to get a few inches of snow as late as May.

Do you live in one of the snowiest cities in the US? Are you a fan of the winter weather, or do you prefer warmer temps? Share your experience in the comments below — we love hearing from you!

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Snowiest Cities in the US

What are some of the best winter towns in the US?

There’s a quiet that descends upon the landscape after a fresh snowfall; it’s a palpable sense of peace that you can feel. It’s this feeling, this moment, that artists try to capture on canvas and film, and that poets try to immortalize with language. It’s something best experienced, though; a fleeting point in time that will become a hazy memory during the warmer months of the year. While the cold and snow are often associated with the holiday season, the magic really happens all winter long, all across the country, when the conditions line up just so. The following are 20 places that transform into magical winter wonderlands in the US when under a fresh blanket of snow. Curious about our favorite towns in the US for a winter getaway? Keep reading!

  • Leavenworth, Washington. It's no secret that Leavenworth is a dream of a destination; this Washington town is straight out of a Hallmark movie all year long, whether you're paddling down the dazzling Wenatchee River mid-summer, eating your weight in brats and sauerkraut during Oktoberfest, or delighting in holiday festivities come Christmastime. But it's after the holiday season when the magic truly happens in Leavenworth: the crowds have left, the snow has fallen, and what remains is a twinkling little locale in one of the most beautiful areas of the country (the holiday lights in Leavenworth typically stay lit through Valentine's Day, in fact!). 
  • Sun Valley, Idaho. We have humble Sun Valley to thank for the relatively new concept of a "ski vacation." Sun Valley Resort opened in 1936, and, in addition to being America's oldest ski resort, it was also home to the country's first chairlift. In the 80+ years since, Sun Valley has become a beloved and popular wintertime destination in the U.S., earning numerous accolades from countless media outlets. Because in addition to offering an abundance of winter recreation, Sun Valley is also one of the most objectively beautiful places in the country -- especially during the cold months. Under fresh powder, Sun Valley's endless robin's egg blue skies seem even more brilliant, with the sun bouncing off the sparkly snow in the most dazzling of ways!
  • Ogden, Utah, is a treasure of a town that's well-worth exploring during the winter season. In addition to being a stone's throw from numerous incredible ski slopes and resorts (the town gets 450 inches of the white stuff each winter!), Ogden offers guests a rustic and rugged experience that's truly unrivaled. Its Historic 25th Street, a notoriously dangerous neighborhood in the days of the Wild West, is one of the most charming places in the country today.


Of course, this list it just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dreamy winter getaways in the US; we also LOVE visiting the towns of Minneapolis, MN, Elkhart Lake, WI, Asheville, NC, and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania!