Visit These 9 Creepy Ghost Towns In Texas At Your Own Risk

As I’ve researched ghost towns in Texas, I quickly realized that we have quite a few abandoned towns with a rich history that are just begging to be explored. It’s always interesting to ponder what exactly happened in these towns, who lived here, and why they were left to fall into a state of decay. If you have the time to venture to these ghost towns in Texas, the history they hold will leave you intrigued, baffled, and maybe a little creeped out, too.

So, have any of you worked up the courage to visit these desolate towns? Or, have you been to any Texas ghost towns that we didn’t list here?

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Address: Terlingua, TX 79852, USA
Address: Lobo, TX 79855, USA
Address: Indianola, TX 77979, USA
Address: Medicine Mound, TX 79252, USA
Address: Independence, TX 77833, USA
Address: Glenrio, TX 79045, USA
Address: Barstow, TX 79719, USA
Address: Winkelmann Ln, Brenham, TX 77833, USA
Address: Catarina, TX 78836, USA
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October 20, 2020

Where is the creepiest town in Texas?

Like any state in the country, Texas is home to a few creepy places you might not want to find yourself in alone after the sun sets. From the paranormal to the abandoned, Texas has countless creepy towns peppered throughout the Lone Star State. One of the creepiest towns in Texas is Marfa, home to some of the most unusual paranormal light displays in the country. The Marfa lights have baffled people for over a hundred years, with some people believing the lights are the spirits from the past and some believing it’s a natural phenomenon.

Are there any urban legends in Texas?

One of the most popular urban legends to be passed around Texas is the legend of the Donkey Lady Bridge which is located about 30 miles southwest of San Antonio. The legend follows the story of a woman who raised donkeys and one day one of the donkeys bit a child.  In a fit of rage, the father of the child and a few of his friends ambushed the woman and one of her donkeys on the bridge. Both the woman and the donkey fell into the river and drowned. Legend has it that if you drive down the bridge at night and turn off your engine, you might just hear the faint sounds of a donkey.

Are there any haunted hotels in Texas?

If you want to have a truly hair-raising night to remember, booking a room at one of Texas’ many haunted hotels is right up your alley. Hotel Galvez in Galveston has a long history of paranormal encounters, including the ghost of a woman who is believed to have hanged herself in room 505. For a more intimate experience, visit the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin. Built in 1840, the charming Magnolia Hotel is believed to be the home of no less than 13 ghosts that haunt the building. Sweet dreams!