There’s Only One Corn Cob Pipe Factory Left In The World And It’s Right Here In Missouri

Corn cob pipes are often associated with characters of the past, like Mark Twain or Popeye the Sailor. However, these traditional American pipes are still being produced and sold today. This Midwestern commodity was born out of circumstance in 1869 when a Missouri farmer whittled a smoking pipe out of a dried out corn cob. Henry Tibbe, a woodworker from Washington, MO, was commissioned to make a few more corn cob pipes. The pipes sold so well that Tibbe left woodworking behind and started producing the pipes full-time. In 1907 the company was re-named the Missouri Meerschaum Company and they’re still going strong today!

Wondering just how much corn it takes to make a corn cob pipe? Check out the video below to see what last year’s harvest was like for the Missouri Meerschaum Company!

2017 Harvest

The Harvesting processes behind our Genuine, American Made, Corn Cob Pipes.

Posted by Missouri Meerschaum Company on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

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