What Lies Beneath The Streets Of This Missouri City Is Simply Amazing

Sub Tropolis is a ginormous man-made cave in the bluffs above the Missouri River in Kansas City. The 55,000,000-square-foot, 1,100-acre underground storage facility is believed to be the world’s largest site of its kind. In fact, it has trademarked the phrase “World’s Largest Underground Business Complex.” It was developed by late Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt via Hunt Midwest Real Estate Development, Inc.

Although other facilities like Sub Tropolis exist, there are none on the same such scale. However, as the room and pillar mining method continues to be used to extract limestone throughout the Midwest, growth of such facilities is quite possible. Many companies are looking at ways to utilize the hundreds of millions of square feet created in this manner for everything from mushroom farming to crude oil stockpiling.

Do you or does someone you know work at Sub Tropolis?  Have you been inside?  How would you like to work underground?  Share your experiences and comments below.