The Definitive Guide To Uncovering Minnesota’s Best Attractions — Small Towns, Gorgeous Parks, Museums, And More!

When you’re in the Land of 10,000 lakes, you’re never far from something fun to see and do. Great attractions are sprinkled throughout all corners of Minnesota, providing opportunities for adventure, discovery, and even a few laughs. You’ll find tranquil and scenic parks, gorgeous farmers markets, bridges that are marvels of engineering, expansive zoos, and unforgettable train rides. Our small towns serve up endless amounts of timeless charm.

The state’s general stores will take you to simpler times, and our antique shops will let you bring some old time discoveries home. Or perhaps you’re interested in a different sort of vintage purchase; the state’s wonderful wineries have you covered. There’s so much to do in Minnesota. Here’s a sample of some of Minnesota’s best attractions.