A Historic Flood Has Hit Louisiana And It’s Absolutely Heartbreaking

Well, it’s that time again. An unprecedented rainfall over the last few days hammered Southwestern Louisiana and the entire state is going through extremely difficult times. Louisiana has been through so many catastrophic weather events, each time they occur again, old wounds and traumas are brought to the surface. The only bright light in all of the tragedy is the opportunity to see the remarkable humanity and compassion of the people in our state, evidenced by the video below.

This is perhaps one of the most dramatic ever captured on film, and the man executing the rescue is nothing short of a hero. Be warned–this video is quite intense!

Have you ever seen a rescue like that? I’ve truly never seen anything like it.

If you want to help, click on one of these links United Way, Red Cross and many other local parish organizations to get the latest information about how to do so. There are so many heroes out there right now risking their lives to help save those still trapped in their homes and cars, and we encourage everyone in Louisiana to keep them in your thoughts and do what you can to help.

Looking at the video below, it’s clear that with this level of devastation, it’s going to be a long time before these areas recover and come back the way they were before this historic event. But for now, at least we know that the tight knit community of Louisiana is as strong as ever, and we will get through this no matter what, as we have many times before.