The Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant In Washington Is One Of The Eeriest Places In America

There’s no denying that Washington has some spooky abandoned spots. From our numerous ghost towns to other abandoned places in Washington, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild when you’re driving through the Evergreen State. But did you know that there’s an abandoned nuclear power plant in Washington that was set to be the largest of its kind before construction was abruptly halted? Now it’s one of the most creepy places in Washington.

Allow us to introduce you to WNP-3 and WNP-5, more commonly known as the Satsop Nuclear Power Plant in Washington.

Have you ever visited a place like the Satsop Nuclear Power Plant in Washington? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you liked this, you may enjoy a road trip to these creepy places in Washington.

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Address: 90 96320, Elma, WA 98541, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

The Creepiest Places in Washington

January 29, 2023

What are the creepiest ghost towns in Washington?

The creepiest ghost towns in Washington include:

  • Melmont. This town was founded in 1900 and supported the Northern Pacific Railway but it was abandoned when trains went from being steam-powered to electric and diesel.
  • Govan. This was a ranching area during the 1800s that decayed when farming stopped in the area, and the remains of a schoolhouse can still be seen.
  • Bodie. This was once a mining town in 1888, but declining gold prices caused the town to become emptied by 1934.
  • Sherman. This was a farming town during the late 1800s that declined due to plummeting prices of wheat and a new highway.

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What are the most haunted places in Washington?

The most haunted places in Washington include:

  • Tacoma Old City Hall. It is reported that alarms go off at random and the lights flicker but no one is to be found.
  • Hotel de Haro. This hotel was built in 1886 and residents report a female ghost roaming the halls and a deceased family sitting a the dining table.
  • Mount Baker Theatre. Located in Bellingham, this theater first opened in 1927, and rumors of gusts of cold air, balls of light, and other phenomena are often reported.
  • Lewis County Historical Museum. It is said that Native American spirits’ voices are heard here as well as ghost hauntings.

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What are the most abandoned places in Washington?

The most abandoned places in Washington include:

  • The Cowlitz Motel and RV Park. This decaying RV resort off the I-5 once camping, golfing, whitewater paddling, fishing, and more, and is now rotting and overgrown.
  • Northern State Mental Hospital. Though some of the buildings are currently used by the Job Corps, most of the buildings are now ruins.
  • The Homestead Locaters Office. This place once assisted a major influx of immigrants to find places to live at the turn of the 20th century. 
  • Ruby Mine & Mill. Located in the former town of Nighthawk, this rotting mill is still mostly intact while nature grows over it.

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