Washington is home to quite a few ghost towns. Melmont is a mesmerizing place to check out in particular, located near the Carbon River Entrance of Mount Rainier National Park. This abandoned town features an easy trail that follows along an old rail grade and fascinating ruins being reclaimed by nature.

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Ghost Town in Washington

Are there any interesting ghost towns in Washington?   

Washington is a state with numerous ghost towns that just so happen to be pretty dang interesting – well, if you’re into that kind of thing, anyway! Some of the most interesting ghost towns in Washington include Claquato, which was once a teeming little town during the 1800s until the building of a railroad – a common death knell for small, old-school towns back in the day – was completed. There’s also Govan, which was an old ranching community back in the 1800s (around the same time as Claquato) which fell to history long ago, and all that remains is an old school building. Bodie is another fairly famous ghost town of Washington State, which is interesting because there’s a ghost town by the exact same name in Southern California. The town of Lester is another interesting one. For a list of all these and then some, take a look at these eight interesting ghost towns in Washington state.  

Are there any creepy, haunted places in Washington?  

Washington is kind of a spooky place if you want to look at it like that. Surrounded by dense forests so thick the sun sometimes can’t shine through and often blessed with rain and fog, it’s like it’s almost meant to be haunted. Some of the most interesting haunted places in Washington – and there are many! - include places like the Oxford Saloon, in Snohomish, where numerous infamous EVP recordings have been made of ethereal, otherworldly voices. There’s University Heights, which is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the whole state, where the ghost of a long-deceased boy is said to roam the halls and frighten the living. Oh, and when in Seattle, don’t forget to visit the Butterworth Building, which is known nowadays as Kells Irish Pub. No biggie – it only just used to be a mortuary. We’re sure it’s nothing.  

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