A Hike Along Melmont Ghost Town Trail In Washington Leads You Straight To An Abandoned Village

The only thing better than a beautiful hike in Washington is a hike with a side of history. There’s a little ghost town in Pierce County known as Melmont that pays homage to our local past — and there just happens to be a scenic trail that takes you right to it. Next time you’ve got a free morning or an afternoon, embark on this hike that leads to an abandoned place in Washington.

If you’re a local history buff who loves to hike, this is definitely a trail worth taking. Do you have a favorite hike to an abandoned place in Washington? Let us know in the comments! Here are some other great ghost town hikes here in Washington..

Address: Melmont Ghost Town Hike, 23689 Mowich Lake Rd, Carbonado, WA 98323, USA
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hike to an abandoned place in washington

April 21, 2020

Are there any other abandoned places in Washington?

If you like exploring abandoned places in Washington and road trips, you’re in luck. The road trip to Washington’s most abandoned places will require at least a few days on the road. You’ll travel 666 miles in over 13 hours, stopping at such abandoned sites as Nike Missile Site in Redmond, Govan Schoolhouse, and Lester.

However, if you don’t have time for a long road trip, you might want to consider a visit to Lester, an abandoned town in Washington. The town dates back to 1892, although it began spiraling into decay by the 1950s. Today, you’ll have to walk two miles to reach the abandoned town.

Can I take any other historic hiking trails in Washington?

Historic hiking trails in Washington promise beautiful scenery and interesting backstories. If you’ve got plenty of time, set off on the 25-mile Ferry County Rail Trail. The rail trail will lead you through a forested area along the picturesque Kettle River. Along the way, you’ll cross bridges, walk through tunnels, and pass railroad tracks.

If you’re a fan of natural history, you’ll definitely want to hike the Grove of the Patriarchs Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park. At just over a mile, the trail promises spectacular views of trees that date back more than 1,000 years.

What are the best unique hikes in Washington?

Hikers will absolutely love the many unique hikes in Washington. The Ozette Loop Trail, for example, promises jaw-dropping beauty nearly every step of the way. You’ll walk down stone stairs and journey eight miles, ending at the edge of the ocean. The trail is popular with campers as well as hikers.

For another spectacularly unique hike in Washington, follow the Hall of Mosses Trail that meanders through Olympic National Park. The mile-long trail is ideal for beginners and features such natural beauty as ancient trees draped in moss.

Address: Melmont Ghost Town Hike, 23689 Mowich Lake Rd, Carbonado, WA 98323, USA