Take These 5 Ghost Town Hikes In Washington If You Dare

Need an outdoor experience that’s a little unorthodox? Not only will hiking through one of our many ghost towns put you in a spooky state of mind, but you’ll be able to burn off some of the energy buzz (and calories) you’ve likely got going on. Let’s get outside, enjoy the outdoors, and embark upon some of the best hikes in Washington for those of us who like things a little spooky. 

Would you go on a ghost town hike? What would you say are some of the best hikes in Washington? If you prefer to stay in your car, you can always go on a road trip of Washington’s abandoned places!

Address: Bordeaux, WA 98512, USA
Address: Wellington, WA 98826, USA
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Best Hikes in Washington

June 08, 2022

What are some of the best hiking trails near me?  

No matter where in Washington state you happen to find yourself, you’re sure to find some amazing trails to blaze, too. Some of the most popular (and therefore arguably the “best,” though the word is subjective) hiking trails in Washington include the moderately challenging Rattlesnake Ledge Trail, within the Rattlesnake Mountain Scenic Area, which offers amazing alpine lake views and to-die-for panoramic view of the mountain range it’s nestled in. Another excellent hiking trail near me (or you) is the Marymere Falls Trail, at Olympic National Park, which is easy and amazing, with an incredible waterfall that’ll blow you away involved.  

What are some great easy hikes in Washington?  

Speaking of easy hikes in Washington, which ones are the best? The real cream-of-the-crop of hikes in Washington? We happen to love the one we mentioned above – Marymere Falls Trail – but there are lots more that make our favorites list, too. With more than 1,000 trails marked as “easy,” Washington State is a hiker’s paradise even if you’re brand-new to the sport. If you like waterfalls and found Marymere Falls Trail enjoyable, you’ll also want to try Franklin Falls Trail, in the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, for a really magical hike

What are some of the most scenic hikes in Washington?  

Let’s be real here: every hike in Washington is a scenic one! That being said, there are definitely some that stick out above the rest in terms of sheer amazingness. One of those incredible scenic hikes in Washington is the Skyline Trail Loop at Mt. Rainier National Park. It’s 6.2 miles long and quite challenging, but the incredible scenery and views make it absolutely worth it. The Snow Lake Trail in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness is also outrageously beautiful, leading to an amazing overlook of one of Washington’s most beautiful lakes. Finally (but not really – there are thousands more) we’ll mention the breathtaking Colchuck Lake via Stuart Lake Trail, which might just be the single most beautiful hike in Washington there is.  

Address: Bordeaux, WA 98512, USA
Address: Wellington, WA 98826, USA