This Abandoned Town In Washington Was Mercilessly Swallowed By The Ocean

An abandoned town in Washington is always an eerie sight to behold. There are many reasons why a once-thriving town can now find itself abandoned and desolate. Sometimes a bustling railroad town dies when the railway through it stops operation. Other times a busy industrial city fades away when its central factory shuts down. And in some instances, Mother Nature simply takes back her land. With Washaway Beach, it was this last reason. The sea reclaimed the shore, mercilessly swallowing what was once hoped to be a luxury beach town. The below photographs, taken by Johnny Joo, feature the strangely beautiful ruin of Washaway Beach.

Editor’s Note: Due to the nature of abandoned destinations, many of the places featured in this series are off-limits to visitors or have actually been demolished. We do not condone trespassing and other illegal activity but rather encourage readers to enjoy learning about these fascinating destinations.

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OnlyInYourState’s Vacant highlights fascinating abandoned places across America — from a vast ghost town with a tragic history and a renaissance festival left forgotten to the largest abandoned industrial facility in the entire world. Explore all 11 destinations here. Special thanks to Cleveland-based photographer Johnny Joo of Odd World Studio for the photos used in this article. For more images, you can check out his website, Architectural Afterlife.

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