In 1910, Washington suffered one of the worst tragedies in its history. The Wellington disaster sent a huge wave of snow thundering down to a train depot, rolling the waiting cars over 150 feet down into the Tye River Valley. Nearly 100 people lost their lives and it was promptly named the deadliest avalanche in Washington — and American — history. These days, the town of Wellington (which was later named Tye) no longer exists. But if you hike the Iron Goat Trail, you can still spot bits of the wreckage. One of the best hikes in Washington, the Iron Goat Trail is definitely one that belongs on your bucket list. Let’s take a look at this abandoned railroad trail in Washington.

The beauty of Washington is immense and immeasurable, and the best way to enjoy it is to immerse yourself in the wondrous wilds, out on the trail! You can learn more about the Iron Goat Trail in Washington on AllTrails. And, for more of the best hikes in Washington to add to your bucket list, these low-key hikes lead to some amazing scenic payoffs!

Are there other rail hikes in Washington that you love? What do you consider some of the best hikes in the Evergreen State? Let us know in the comments! And, before you hit the trail, make sure you are prepared. Check out our ultimate hiking packing list so you are ready for anything on your adventure.

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What's the most iconic hike in Washington?

Mount Rainier National Park is Washington's most famous and iconic national park and home to the state's most (in)famous active volcano. Hiking opportunities abound in this national park, but we're partial to the Burroughs Mountain Trail. At over 7,800 feet, Burroughs Mountain sets right up against the northeastern face of Mount Rainier, adjacent to Winthrop Glacier, and offers the most extraordinary view of Washington's largest volcano. Mount Rainier rises 14,410 feet above sea level straight into the clouds -- and this hike, a loop trail that's nearly 10 miles long -- is *the* best way to experience this commanding, intimidating, wholly grand natural wonder. This is an iconic Washington hike that absolutely belongs on your bucket list!

What are some scenic hikes in Washington?


Whether you're looking to hike up mountains (or inactive volcanoes -- see above!), through gorges, alongside rivers, in rain forests, old-growth forests, and even coastal forests, Washington is full of some truly scenic hikes. We're partial to the waterfall hikes, however, which traverse much of the above landscapes and include the added bonus of beautiful cascades! Some of our favorite waterfall trails in Washington include the Wallace Falls Trail, Lewis River Falls Trail, Panther Creek Falls Trail, and Deception Falls Interpretive Trail ... but there are many, many more we love as well!

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