So maybe you’ve been itching to get outside for a much-needed hike but you just don’t have the time to conquer the Long Trail. Or perhaps you’re bringing along the kids and their little legs just can’t manage the long strides needed to hit one of Vermont’s challenging summits. Hiking in Vermont doesn’t always have to be a long and strenuous undertaking. These eight best kid-friendly hikes in Vermont provide fantastic outdoor adventures for the entire family. Whether you bring the little ones or go at it alone, these trails are all under one mile for a quick breath of fresh air and beautiful landscapes.

What do you consider to be the best kid-friendly hikes in Vermont? Are there other easy hikes in Vermont that you would add to this list? If you’re looking to spend a little more time outdoors with the kids, check out these wonderful parks with easy trails that can be hiked in under 30 minutes.

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best kid-friendly hikes in Vermont

What are the most beautiful hikes in Vermont?

Those who lice in Vermont are fortunate to get to call this state home. There is so much nature and hiking opportunities in the Green Mountain State. In fact, Vermont has some of the best and most beautiful hiking trails in all of New England. One of the most beautiful hikes is the hike up the summit of Mt. Mansfield, which offers some of the most spectacular views in Vermont. If you are interested in hiking Mt. Mansfield, we recommend the Sunset Ridge Trail, which is accessible from Underhill State Park. Some other beautiful hikes that are worth checking out are 1. Mount Pisgah Trail, 2. Camel's Hump Trail, 3. Lye Brook Falls Trail. Happy exploring!

Which hikes in Vermont are short and sweet?

The hikes in this article are great for families because they are on the shorter side, but if you are looking for more short and sweet hikes to explore, we have compiled a list of such hikes. If you are interested in finding out more about these easy and enjoyable hikes in Vermont, take a look at this article here of 9 wonderful short and sweet hikes in Vermont with a beautiful end view to top off the journey. All the hikes on this list are great for the whole family. Happy hiking!

Which state parks should I visit in Vermont?

This really depends on what you are looking for in a state park. Some are better for longer stays and camping, others are better for short day trips, and others still are best during one season and perhaps not for another. However, here are our picks for the best overall state parks in Vermont to visit this summer. 1. Smugglers Notch State Park; 2. Mt. Philo State Park; 3. Emerald Lake State Park; 4. Quechee Gorge State Park; 5. Jamaica State Park. You really cannot go wrong with any of these state parks. Whether you're looking to go hiking, swimming, mountain biking, or just relaxing, all these state parks have something for every adventurer, beach goer, and hiker.

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