Beware Of Extra Copperheads Out Snacking On Cicadas In Nashville This Spring

If you put on an old film or perhaps ask someone in a grocery store about one of the world’s most common fears, you’re going to get one of two answers: snakes and spiders. There’s just something about those creepy crawly creatures that really gets under our skin, and this spring in Nashville you may just see a few more slithery serpents than anticipated. It’s been reported that a number of extra copperheads will be snacking on the burgeoning cicada population this season, and locals should know to be both aware and careful of the uptick in animal activity.

What a strange season it is, friends, when the snakes come out to nosh on insect music makers. It’s encouraging to know that Nashville still has such an active natural community, but safety is key! Keep your distance and be safe.