Few People Know There’s A Magical Grotto Hidden In The Great Smoky Mountains In Tennessee

There’s no better afternoon spent than one in the heart of Tennessee’s natural beauty, and though hiking along Trillium Gap is a popular pastime most folks don’t know to keep their eyes peeled for a magical, watery little grotto. If you’re looking for a weekend where both hiking boots and a camera is required, then you just might want to make your way to Grotto Falls. Beautifully lush and thick with the sound of gurgling, rushing water, this hike is popular amongst hiking enthusiasts for good reason.

While you’re in the Gatlinburg area, pay the town a visit – it’s worth a day trip all on its own! If you know of another natural wonder, small business, or unforgettable hike in Tennessee, why not share it with us on our Nominate page?

Address: Grotto Falls, Tennessee 37738, USA