This Natural Swimming Hole In Tennessee Will Make You Feel Like A Kid On Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is a time for fun and exploration. Do you remember when you were a kid? School was off and you had seemingly endless amounts of time to just be free. The long hot days when you strike out with your friends and explore in the woods. Or the adventure that awaits from finding new places that amaze you. We really believe that those times do not have to fade away with memory but can be found in the everyday life. When you adventure you awake that child in you that is exhilarated by the wonder found in our world. One such place to capture your sense of awe is this swimming hole in East Tennessee.

If your childhood was built on exploration and the Great Outdoors, then Blue Hole Falls is for you. If you want to take dip in the cold water or feel the rush of jumping off the cliff, then this is also for you. Even if you just want to see a beautiful waterfall that brings back the adventure in you, then we recommend a trip down to Blue Hole Falls. This is an awesome swimming hole in East Tennessee for pretty much everyone!

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Address: Blue Hole Falls, Elizabethton, TN 37643, USA