Take a Magical Waterfall Hike In Tennessee To Sill Branch Falls, If You Can Find It

There are many magical places for you to feel the cool breeze on your face out in the Volunteer State. Some are more well-known, and easily found, than others. For instance, we recommend this short hike to Sill Branch Falls, if you can find it! Don’t worry – we are more than confident that you will be able to find this Tennessee trail with us in your corner.

Enjoy this magical waterfall hike to Sill Branch Falls in Tennessee! Explore both Sill Branch Falls and the Pine Ridge Falls Trail to round out your day of discovery in the Cherokee National Forest. For more information, visit the Sill Branch Falls page and the Pine Ridge Falls Trail page at AllTrails.com. If you find yourself passing through the town of Erwin before or after your hike, stop by the Steel Rails Coffee House for a cup o’ joe and a snack.

What is your favorite waterfall hike in Tennessee? Share your thoughts with us!

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Address: Sill Branch Falls, Erwin, TN 37650, USA
Address: Steel Rails Coffee House, 113 N Main Ave, Erwin, TN 37650, USA