Elvis Presley swept the world with his talent, music, and brand. He carved out a name for himself in history that will always be remembered. He was a legend who earned the title of King of Rock & Roll. Stepping out and doing what no one else was doing, he quickly rose to the top in popularity. Now that he’s gone and we have the memories to hold onto, there is one place we can visit to walk in his shoes. The house Elvis lived in is called Graceland, and it is a mansion fit for a king.

So whether you are a die-hard Elvis fan or you are fascinated with the history of rock and roll, visiting the house Elvis lived in is a must. We owe a lot of our music today to the King’s creative genius. He is a legend for a reason, and the history of this sprawling property tells us all why. Make sure to book your tickets and see Graceland for yourself

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