Once upon a time, the biggest and most prosperous industry in South Dakota was mining, which brought in thousands of new families and helped shape the state into what it is now. Unfortunately, just as quickly as the mines grew, they dried up, leaving behind several abandoned mines in South Dakota, like this one that you can never un-see. Let’s explore one of the creepy abandoned places in South Dakota.

Please note: Etta Mill is located on private property, so do not go exploring without receiving proper permission. To get an even better look at Etta, check out this video from Clay Gibbs:

Ready to get up close and personal with more abandoned mines in South Dakota? It would be fun to take an abandoned mines road trip to see them all!  If you know of other examples of abandoned South Dakota, let us know about them in the comments.

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The Creepiest Places in South Dakota

What are the most terrifying places in South Dakota?

The most terrifying places in South Dakota include:

  • St. Joseph's Hospital in Dickinson. Employees say they’ve heard voices in the cafeteria and running footsteps in the basement.
  • Harvey Public Library in Harvey. People have reported missing objects, flickering lights, and seeing a ghost named Sophie.
  • Fort Abraham Lincoln Custer House in Mandan. The house of General Custer is said to have ghostly voices, moving doors, and flickering lights.
  • Old Armory in Williston. Locals say the mannequins move by themselves and that the whisperings of ghosts are heard.

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What are the creepiest ghost towns in South Dakota?

The creepiest ghost towns in South Dakota include:

  • Tagus. This town was first called Wallace when it was founded in 1900. It is almost entirely abandoned and only ever had 140 residents.
  • Sherbrooke. This was the county seat of Steele County, founded in 1884 but eventually became a collection of ruins.
  • Wheelock. This was a railroad town that was founded in 1902 but became empty in the late 1990s and the buildings are still mostly intact.
  • Charbonneau. All that is left of this old railroad town are a couple of grain elevators, a schoolhouse, and a cemetery.

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What are the most haunted places in South Dakota?

The most haunted places in South Dakota include:

  • Mount Marty College in Yankton. This school was opened in 1936 and is said to be haunted by those who have died on campus.
  • Easton Castle in Aberdeen. This is a Victorian home that was built in 1888 and is reported to be haunted by a ghost named Leslie Cage who inspired the Wizard of Oz.
  • The Bullock Hotel in Deadwood. This is said to be one of the most haunted places in the state with the 2nd and 3rd floors rumored to be filled with ghosts.
  • Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City. The namesake of this hotel is said to haunt the place as well as a ghost known as the Lady in White.

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