This Entire Neighborhood In South Dakota Was Mysteriously Abandoned And Nobody Knows Why

Once upon a time, South Dakota was a mecca for not only early exploration but mining and railroads as well. Sadly, as these industries dwindled, so did several of the once-thriving towns, leaving behind deserted buildings and an eerie presence that never quite went away. While saying that nobody knows why this one community in particular was abandoned may be a bit of an exaggeration, it is still a mystery how such a booming place could diminish so quickly and dramatically.

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Address: Ardmore, SD 57747, USA
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Abandoned Neighborhood in South Dakota

December 04, 2021

What are some genuinely creepy places in South Dakota?  

South Dakota is a state that is as spooky as it is beautiful. The state is steeped in spooky, ghostly lore, and it seems like no area is without its legends. For example, in Vermillion there’s a place called Spirit Mound. Spirit Mound has been said to be haunted for generations, going as far back as Sioux tribal beliefs of “melon-headed people” who roam the area. In Oglala Lakota County is the site of Wounded Knee, where in 1890 the US 7th Cavalry slaughtered hundreds of Native men, women, and children, whose screams and cries can still be heard to this day. There’s a creepy haunted opera house in Lead, and Rapid City is home to a haunted hotel or two. For more details about all of these creepy places in South Dakota, check this article out!  

What kind of unsolved mysteries in South Dakota are there?  

Every place seems to have its utterly baffling stories, with South Dakota being no exception despite its relatively small population. There have been some mysteries throughout the state’s history that have never – and probably will never – been solved, and they’re spooky as all get out. There was the disappearance of Tina Marcotte, who was last seen alive on June 24th, 1994. The only person of interest in the case ended up dead shortly after being interviewed, and the case is still open to this day. In Rapid City, there is a likely serial killer on the loose who began killing in May 1998 and has struck as recently as 2014. Native American and homeless men began washing up on the shore of a creek near Rapid City and their killer has never been apprehended. No suspects exist, either. Strange? Totally. Creepy? Absolutely! Despite its small size, South Dakota is no stranger to strangeness.  

Address: Ardmore, SD 57747, USA