Follow This Abandoned Railroad Trail For One Of The Most Unique Hikes In South Dakota

It is no secret that South Dakota has a rich railroad history, but like other states, most of the once-vital lines are no more, leaving behind remnants of a much different time. To see one of these historic routes in a new and innovative way, get outside and follow this abandoned South Dakota railroad trail. You’ll quickly see why it’s considered one of the best hikes in South Dakota.

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Address: 11361 Nevada Gulch Rd, Lead, SD 57754, USA
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Best Hikes In South Dakota

April 06, 2022

Are there any kid-friendly hikes in South Dakota?

Kids usually have boundless energy, and sometimes it’s tough for us adults to keep up. That’s part of what makes hiking oh-so-amazing. It offers the opportunity for bonding with the family, letting the kids expend excess energy, and we all get to breathe in the fresh air and get some exercise. We have quite a few kid-friendly hikes in South Dakota that whole family will love. Give the kiddos a bit of a history lesson and enjoy gorgeous views, for example, along the Presidential Trail at Mount Rushmore. The trail tallies a half of a mile. If the kiddos enjoy climbing ladders, they’ll absolutely love the Notch Trail. The 1.5-mile trail meanders through a canyon, and you’ll climb a ladder (don’t worry – it’s not too steep) along the way. If you’re looking for a super easy trail, set off on the 3.8-mile Wind Cave Canyon Trail. The trail is predominately flat. Keep an eye out for local wildlife, including bison and elk.

What are the best scenic hikes in South Dakota?

Sure, we’ve got a ton of scenic hikes in South Dakota. It’s probably fair to say, in fact, that every hike in South Dakota boasts natural or manmade beauty. If you’re up for a bit of a trek, follow the 10.7-mile Castle Trail through Badlands National Park. Bring your camera, because you’ll definitely want to snap photos of the gorgeous rock formations that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world. Devil’s Bathtub Trail will take you through a beautiful canyon and to a waterfall that drops into a gorgeous pool of water. If you’re hiking during the summertime, you might even want to take a dip in the cool water. The Cathedral Spires Trail might be the most beautiful hike in South Dakota, and it’s definitely one for the bucket list. It tallies just 2.5 miles and offers up-close views of the breathtaking Cathedral Spires.

Address: 11361 Nevada Gulch Rd, Lead, SD 57754, USA