Oregon is obviously home to some of the best natural water sources around, with lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks, and the beach – all ripe for swimming. Of course, there are occasions when a drive outside of city limits is not an option, while your little ones are still itching to cool off in the water. So what’s a parent to do? Have some fun at Oregon Waterparks! We’ve located some waterparks in Oregon, both indoor and outdoor, that may be just the answer.

Have you been to any of these waterparks in Oregon? There are surely other swimming spaces, publicly and privately owned, that your family loves to visit every year. Tell us about them in the comments. If you’re looking for more places to swim, check out these swimming holes in Oregon.

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Awesome Attractions in Oregon

What are some hidden gem attractions in Oregon?

Some of the hidden gem attractions in Oregon include:

  • The Pillars of Rome. These amazing rock formations in Malheur County look like something from another planet.
  • Steens Mountain. This beautiful area is where you can watch wild horses roaming all over the countryside.
  • Pendleton Underground. This is an entire underground city that is over 100 years old and is full of history.
  • Tree to Tree Adventure Park. Come here to walk along suspension bridges high up in the trees and do some ziplining.

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What are the best lesser-known attractions in Oregon?

The best lesser-known attractions in Oregon include:

  • Toketee Falls. This stupendous waterfall on the Umpqua River is set into basalt cliffs and is surrounded by tall, lush trees.
  • Opal Creek. This creek is filled with turquoise waters and has several lovely waterfalls and swimming holes.
  • Terwilliger Hot Springs. These hot springs in the Willamette National Forest are a wonderful place to soak and relax.
  • The Oregon Garden. This is a collection of over 20 specialty gardens that cover an entire 80 acres and is simply stunning.

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What are the most amazing historical landmarks in Oregon?

The most amazing historical landmarks in Oregon include:

  • Kam Wah Chung Heritage Site. This is a museum showing a Chinese apothecary that was originally built in the 1870s. 
  • The Peter Iredale Shipwreck. The remaining bits of the massive ship called the Peter Iredale can be found on the beach near Hammond.
  • Fort Astoria. Also known as Fort George, this fort was built in 1811 and was the main trading post for the Pacific Fur Company.
  • End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. This is the location of the end of the Oregon Trail in Oregon City.

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