7 Oregon Swimming Holes That Will Make Your Summer Epic

Oregonians are blessed with an abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation. Looking to spend a day in the wilderness? Take a hike. Want to sleep beneath the stars? There’s no shortage of stellar campsites. And if you’re in the mood for a beach day, Oregon has options. It’s no secret that some of the best beaches in the country can be found along the Oregon Coast. But that’s just the start: the state is home to some truly pristine swimming holes that are just devastatingly beautiful. Here are nine of the best swimming holes in Oregon, perfect for your next outdoor adventure in The Beaver State:

Did your favorites make the list? Where do you think are the best swimming holes in Oregon? Share your picks with us in the comments below!

And for more summer adventures in The Beaver State, this road trip up the Oregon Coast offers tons of fun in the sun.

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Best Swimming Holes in Oregon

April 27, 2021

Does Oregon have many beaches?

In a word: yes. With over 363 miles of stunning shoreline that opens right into the pristine Pacific Ocean, Oregon is a beach lover’s paradise! We share some of our favorite Oregon beaches here; and the best news is that all of the state’s beaches are free and open to everyone. It’s a wonderful gift, and here in The Beaver State, we don’t take it for granted.

What’s the most pristine lake in Oregon?

If you thought the above swimming holes in Oregon were stunning, prepare to be dazzled by Crater Lake.  At 1,949 feet deep, it’s the deepest lake in the United States; a pristine pool of deep azure. The lake’s history is as deep as its waters, tracing back over 7,700 years to when a powerful eruption collapsed an ancient volcano, forming what we know as of today as Crater Lake, Oregon’s first national park. Today, Crater Lake National Park attracts upwards of 750,000 visitors each year, inviting all to revel in its resplendence. It’s truly one of the state’s crown jewels.

What are some charming Oregon beach towns?

Oregon’s beach towns are some of the most charming you’ll find anywhere, offering an authentic, PNW experience that will leave you feeling totally recharged. Some of the towns are more ‘touristy’ than others, and for that reason, we tend to gravitate toward these nine gems. Florence is a total treasure of a town; from quaint restaurants to stunning natural beauty, there are plenty of reasons to stop and spend  time in this peaceful place. A fishing village is located an hour north of the California border. Port Orford has it all: mountains, forest, and ocean scenery. This artistic town is the perfect getaway for those looking for some peace and quiet. And in the southern part of the state, Gold Beach is warmer and quieter than other Oregon beach towns, making for a lovely little getaway any time of year.


Address: Oregon, USA