Visit 7 Breathtaking Waterfalls On A Memorable Road Trip Through Ohio

Contrary to what the 90s pop song says, you should chase waterfalls throughout Ohio—don’t just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. You might be surprised to know that Ohio is full of beautiful waterfalls just waiting to be discovered. We’ve compiled a roadmap of some of our favorites in the eastern half of the state for you so you can make a weekend road trip out of it. There’s nothing quite like taking a waterfall road trip in Ohio. From the unexpected urban waterfalls to the secluded waterfalls surrounded by nature, the following list showcases some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ohio. The total trip takes about 10 hours of drive time. We’ve included a link to the Google Map to aid in planning your epic waterfall chasing adventure in Ohio!

What do you think? Are you up for this waterfall road trip in Ohio? How many of these waterfalls have you seen before? Share your thoughts, photos and experiences with us!

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Waterfall Road Trip In Ohio

November 01, 2019

What is the largest waterfall in Ohio?

It can be easily argued that one of the best waterfalls in Ohio might just be Brandywine Falls, because it is the tallest and largest waterfall in Ohio. Cuyahoga Valley National park features other picturesque falls as well, such as Blue Hen Falls. If you want to see multiple waterfalls in one hike, we recommend taking the Old Man’s Cave Loop at Hocking Hills State Park. 

Can I see any waterfalls in Ohio without hiking?

Yes, there are serval waterfalls in Ohio you can see without having to hike a trail. You can drive right up to Brandywine Falls and Paine Falls in Painesville. You can also drive right up to the charming Chagrin Falls in the small town of Chagrin Falls. To view a list of other accessible waterfalls in the Buckeye State, you can check out our previous article outlining our top no-hike waterfalls in Ohio. 

Can I swim in waterfalls in Ohio?

While hiking in Ohio, it’s prohibited to swim in most waterfalls. Please abide by the state park and metro park policies and pay attention to posted signs. There are several swimming lakes in Ohio, however, both natural and manmade. The best swimming areas in Ohio are lakeside, manmade water parks such as Longs Retreat Family Resort in Latham and Clay’s Park Resort in North Lawerence. These swimming areas feature manmade sandy beaches, water slides, splash pads and other fun amenities.