Waterfalls are one of the most soothing experiences offered by nature. The mesmerizing fall of water and the gentle thunder of the falls as they hit the ground underneath fill us with a deeply calming sensation unrivaled by many others. Hidden in our own city in little-known parks are multiple beautiful waterfalls! Visit these magical spots when you’re ready for a break from it all. Remember: waterfalls are best after rainfall. Here are some of the best waterfalls near Columbus, Ohio to visit ASAP!

Are you ready to take in these beautiful waterfalls near Columbus, Ohio, and allow your mind to unwind? Let us know if you know of any other hidden gems in Columbus!

If you’re yearning for more, check out these waterfalls in Ohio.

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Waterfalls Near Columbus, Ohio

What are some of the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Ohio?  

Some of the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Ohio include the following:

  • Sheepskin Hollow Falls Trail at Sheepskin’s Hollow Nature Preserve. The trail features two waterfalls, one of which is 15 feet tall and the other of which is 20 feet tall.
  • Hayden Falls Run Trail near Columbus has a waterfall just off the road. It’s a very short trek to the 30-foot-tall waterfall.
  • Ash Cave Waterfall Trail and the Cedar Falls Trail at Hocking Hills State Park. The Ash Cave Trail leads up behind the falls, which is a unique experience, and Cedar Falls Trail leads to one of the best falls in the state (especially after a good rainstorm).


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Where are the best waterfalls in Ohio? 

Some of the best waterfalls in Ohio include the following:

  • Cedar Falls
  • Brandywine Falls, which is the tallest waterfall in Ohio at an impressive 60 feet tall and can be found within Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
  • Great Falls on Tinker Creek is just 15 feet but it’s an impressive 80 feet wide.
  • Cascade Falls, at Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park, offers three amazing vantage points to view the falls from above, below, and behind