Here’s The Perfect Weekend Itinerary If You Love Exploring Ohio’s Waterfalls

It’s great to do something unique and out of the ordinary with your weekends every once in awhile. Living in Ohio, there’s plenty to see and do when you need a weekend getaway and a change of pace. And if you love chasing waterfalls, then we have the perfect northeast Ohio weekend itinerary for you, complete with hidden waterfalls, a restaurant right over some falls and a waterfall inn.

The total trip takes about 5 and half hours of drive time round-trip, so you can take the trip within 3 days and 2 nights. (We’ve included some restaurant and overnight accommodation recommendations.) It’s designed in a loop, so you can start with the waterfall nearest you. We’ve included a link to the Google Map here.

What do you think of this road trip? Would you take it?

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